A legacy with 2000 years of portuguese mintage

Numismatics Collection

How it all began
The Collection was acquired by NOVO BANCO in 2007 and is considered one of the most complete collections of its kind.

The Collection in numbers
It is comprised of around 13,000 coins, all minted in existing or past Portuguese territories, from a pre-national period until the establishment of the Republic.

Main characteristics
A journey to portuguese history
Through it we can cover the whole Portuguese history, illustrating through money, our population, culture and nation over the span of more than 2000 years.

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D. João II

O Justo, 1481-1495

D. João V

Dobra 1724 SO, 1706-1750

Imperador Pedro I do Brasil

Peça Coroação, 1822

D. Filipe I

S. Tomé 1616, 1581-1558

D. Sancho I

Morabitino, 1185-1211

D. Manuel I

O Português, 1495 - 1521

D. Fernando

Dobra Pé Terra, 1367 - 1383