12 September 2019

Vila Franca de Xira

NB Cultura at the Museum of Neo-Realism


Partnership with the Museum of Neo-Realism, in Vila Franca de Xira, where a protocol was signed for the transfer of two works by important Portuguese artists of the twentieth century. These two works correspond to different times in the respective artistic paths of Mário Dionísio and Júlio Pomar.

Mário Dionísio played a fundamental role in theorizing neorealism, having done in the last years of his life the work "Entre o Peixe e o Touro" [Between Pisces and Taurus]. In 1945, in a text for Seara Nova, he presented the then young painter Júlio Pomar as "the beginning of a great painter". "Barcos" [Boats] was made during a period of consolidation of Pomar's career, in which he stands out as one of the main representatives of neorealism in painting.